Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Aquarius and Love

October, a contradictory month also for you Aquarius, solicited by contrasting transits that will highlight the lights and shadows present in your heart and your desires.
But you have a little something extra because you know that you can’t avoid this kind of nuances.
And so you are aware and you know how to manage these emotions like a pianist who touches the keys of a piano: composing a melodious symphony that uses low and high tones, light and dark.
Artists of the heart, but with a confused mind …

Horoscope love couple

A lot of passion and a great desire to grow, but also a deleterious tendency to misunderstanding and controversy, carried forward almost only for the sake of diatribe.
In short, not an easy period, but not even one to forget.
Everything will depend on you, as you will be good at juggling emotions, sensations, but above all on communication, which will be clearer, more direct and sincere, plus it will allow you to reach the heart of your partner.
October will be an unusual phase, full of emotions and therefore of occasions.

Single love horoscope

With this triumph of sensations that awaits you in October, the feast of passion and emotions, it is probable that Cupid is waiting for you at the entrance!
Place of honor to eroticism, thanks to an electrifying mix of sensuality, resourcefulness, originality and spontaneity that will make you the most desired of the realm or almost.
But beware of external interference: a comment that can divert you, a word that happens badly, something that could even distance you from the person you like and maybe it’s right for you.

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