Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: complicated period, a game of the match on a par with favorable and opposite stars. The favorable ones: Jupiter in Sagittarius in sextile for the whole month, in league with casual and viola Venus until 26, reached 22 from the polyglot Sun, tired of the dark stay in Scorpio in the company of silent Mercury and Mars rancorous landed in the sign on the 19th, all of them at the zenith ready to fight you. Of course, from Mars you probably wouldn’t have expected it, given the support that you suffered for three weeks for free, giving you trips and big opportunities abroad. Then the turnaround, in league with your guide Uranus star who instead of helping you continues to destabilize you with a squaring.

Love: cold heart, especially the first week, in line with the change of seasonal temperature, solid friendship instead, stainless in all seasons. On the horizon, the return of a former flame, cooling him or her as if nothing had happened, instead you getting cold … the long gap and the consequent crisis have left their mark! You have the choice whether to give him the two of spades or the two of hearts, “virtue is in the middle” ruled the Latins, so you will opt for flowers, which for now will make you friends or professional collaborators … then we’ll see! Days instead counted for a secret story, too uncomfortable and demanding: true that you are relaxed, but you don’t have the hobby of breaking hearts!

Work: strictly cultural entertainment, as befits a brain of your caliber. Keep in mind the journey, current or planned: to book on the fly, taking advantage of the winning opportunity, a click of the mouse will suffice … Fruity, on the other hand, the journeys for work or business, new faces and environments will rekindle your enthusiasm, also involving colleagues and friends in futuristic companies. Limp finances, the liquid is scarce sucked by crazy expenses, but thank goodness that the nest egg under the mattress doesn’t make a wrinkle! The unexpected moment decisions in the condominium assembly for unnecessary and moreover expensive jobs, about which you will not hide your disagreement.

Health: the first step will be to keep the mind active, amused by puzzles and video games, without forgetting the reading involved … it will remain elastic and open for a long time, in short, seen in perspective, you will become grand sprint! Nothing to say about the physical, smart on the road and well kept at home. Thanks to the friend who drags you to run in the park, half an hour in the morning will be enough to burn the odious little rolls: under the coat you won’t see them, but in the Latvian they bother you! Gold or amber to bring up the energy, in the wardrobe warm colors like cream yellow and tangerine, delicious even at the table!

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Written by Zodiac Genie

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