Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019

Intractable Mondays, natural with the Moon and your star Uranus in quadrature and as if this were not enough in conflict also with the Sun and Mercury, which from the zenith claim to tell you orders or to fathom your feelings. Their own illusion, you will spurt go like a penis: on your heartfelt stories press silence unless in the central part of the week you yourself will be encouraged to tell them or to express feelings so far held in abeyance. Keeping friends, maybe even more, revolve around your life. Maybe they will become love, maybe not, but the essential thing is that they are good for everyone and nobody has anything to do with it. For your part, still some hesitancy for both the yes and the no. More serene couples already tested with children with whom you will play happily by spending pleasant evenings and without big thoughts. Work on the weekend, annoys a little, but if it is good for a career don’t turn up your nose: first duty, then pleasure.

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