Aries Friendship – 10 Typical Friendship Traits

aries friendshipLoyalty Matters

Aries are faithful and loyal to friends, and they expect the same from them. Friends for Aries mean a lot and Aries will do everything to keep them happy. Aries would like their friends to appreciate them all the time for all the effortless support they give. Aries do whatever they can to help their friends. If friends break friendship with Aries things can turn from bad to worse because Aries don’t like being thrown out of friendship as they will take it personally.

Aries Typical Friendship

Having a lot of friends is typical of Aries. Having a lot of friends helps them in many ways but making everyone happy is a difficult challenge. Very often Aries underestimates friends, and the values friends could bring to Aries. Losing a few friends expected from Aries. Aries could lose friends for many reasons, but some are very personal. For example, if Aries help a friend, Aries would wait the favor turned back in a speedy time, which may be too harsh on their friends. Aries are smart and tend to make sense of what they say. If a friend argues with Aries for something they are wrong and Aries proves them being wrong, then that is the end of the friendship. In the Aries friendship is no place for friends who don’t have the slightest respect for others. Usually, Aries tend to make friends those who stand up and talk carefully with real meaning.

Making New Friends

Making new friends isn’t too tricky for Aries since they are very well spoken and good speech articulators. When listening to Aries is like listening to someone who knows everything about life which indeed Aries have a good understanding of real life only that sometimes they take it to the far and become big-headed. Losing touch with reality happens quite often, but a good friend who stands up will tell Aries where they wrong. From that moment on this friend will become more than a friend.

Hold On To True Friends

Real and loyal friends are always welcomed to befriend Aries. Friends with a kind heart still have a place in Aries life. Aries value the truth told face to face so friends with same morale will always be respected by Aries. Usually, Aries is seen fighting, and this is the moment of the truth amongst Aries friends. If they back up Aries fight regardless who was wrong or right than Aries will admire them for their act of bravery, otherwise is Aries is left alone then that moment will be the last moment of friendship.

Exciting Companion

As fire can become something fleeting, so can the friendship of an Aries does. If friends call Aries for a night out, they will have an exciting companion for the whole evening. Though Aries don’t need a plan for the night out. They are spontaneous and know how to entertain those who are around him. As well Aries needs variety in friendship. If a group of people cannot sustain their constant changes in interest, Aries will look for new friends. Aries is well appreciated for being sharp so that making new friends will never be a big problem.

Don’t Push Your Luck

Friends are pleasant but not exactly needed for the independent Aries. Aries don’t require a large group to have fun. Although they are alone, their competitive nature pushes them to give their best. Regulated by the First House of the Ego, self-centeredness can sometimes take the upper hand when it comes to choices that concern people or property. On the other hand, Aries can be very warm with his friends. This will happen when he thinks friends are the numbers one in his life, they can count on having fun with Aries, with a whirlwind of fun.

The unpredictability that is good for friendship

In friendship, it is essential that there is support in every moment of difficulty. But not only, in order not to perform the tedious and repetitive feeling, from time to time it is necessarily something different. Usually, some creativity that can make a magical relationship. Well, Aries is a creative sign of nature. Aries is able to think outside the box. If friends want to spend a different day from the usual, full of experiences like never before then Aries is the most suitable people. It is certain that everyone won’t get bored. Aries are volcanoes of ideas, always ready to experiment and to involve friends in their own brilliant find.

Sincerity For a Transparent Relationship

When careless confidence is placed on a person, the risk is that on the other side there is no clear transparency. Aries dare to tell others the truth face to face, without a doubt. The chance of finding an Aries not able to be 100% sincere is really impossible. In fact, he’s an honest and loyal person, who prefers to put friends in front of the harsh reality rather than delude them or tell their lies. The sincerity is a real reason for a living unless a small lie is said to be good. But how can one complain about it?

One Smile Forgives Everything

In a very long relationship, it is normal that misunderstandings arise from time to time, or that one is wronged, perhaps unknowingly or without giving it the real importance. Be aware that Aries tend to react rather badly when they are rude. Without a doubt, this is easily learned when you have a friend like Aries. The good thing is that those born under this sign are not able to hold a grudge. They can keep their anger for a few days. Aries will be the first, despite the circumstances, to try to recover damages relationship. Because real friends are not able to do without Aries.

Explosive Character

Also, Aries has the force of mind to undergo an enormous explosion of character in great moments in life. The sign Aries uses hidden energy to make friends and hold on to them for as long they want to stay friends with Aries. Being a Cardinal Sign, Aries is the most energetic of the Fire Sign and usually takes the initiative to tell friends face to face where they’re wrong. The sign of Aries has no fear of danger wherever it may be. Hence a fight may occur at any moment. This is the moment when Aries expects his/her friends for back up. Those friends who will back up Aries will become long time friends.

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