Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus on: a very fortunate month for you, especially the second half, when your star at the opposition Mars until 19 finally let go, leaving you free to act. In your favor, along with generous Jupiter as a sign of Fire as yours, also the globetrotting Sun from 22 onward and exotic Venus from 1 to 26, when with a surprise move he betrays you, passing into Capricorn, together with the soft Saturn and Pluto in quadrature.

Love: warm, cheerful, uninhibited feeling, but in love happiness has its price, to experience magical moments in the first fortnight you will have to give up your autonomy by adapting to the choices of the partner, who will take the lead in the relationship. Instead of conquering, you will commit yourself to seduce … No more a hunter but a prey, you will discover the art of loving from another perspective. The work environment is also intriguing when the spice is a story of the heart.

Work and money: very busy with work, especially if it takes you on a journey, a trip abroad will be the winning opportunity to make you stand out by highlighting your qualities. Whoever has a managerial role in the situation, but also in a subordinate role, the understanding with the boss will be improved: true that you are individualists, but with smart people, the comparison becomes pleasant and stimulating and the competitiveness is the springboard for new companies. Great resumption of investments, important to keep informed and up to date on top decisions. Easy and fast journeys, where love and work will tend to intertwine, very lucky studies, where you will make giant steps.

Health and well-being: inflammatory states traveling companions in the first three weeks, then inexplicably how they got there will go away, such as headaches and sore throats that have held their ground for a while. Under the microscope the skin, one of the weak points of the sign and the hair, of which, regardless of sex, all went very proud. After the age of chestnuts, the hair will return strong and brilliant, perhaps with the contribution of the diet, now moderately more caloric. Reassuring clinical tests, if you have created unnecessary anxieties it is worth facing them and then not thinking about it anymore. Your disease has only one name: stress!

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