Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: the friend of the month is undoubtedly Mercury, from 1 to 30, almost motionless in Scorpio, attracted by his mysteries, which he undertakes to solve by lingering long in the sign. The Sun also accompanies him as an investigator until 22, while Mars, combative and determined, takes service next to him, in your favor, beginning with the 19th, repented for having mistreated you for almost three weeks with a stinging quadrature. Hostility also from Saturn and Pluto, authoritarians to the opposition, but by their dictates you have now made the callus. In any case, you can always count on the alternative choices of Uranus, the rebel of the solar system in sextile, and on Neptune’s imagination that when reality is close to you it transports you far away on the flying carpet of fantasy.

Love: the distance that has temporarily cooled you is filled with a clarifying dialogue, perhaps with a letter, as it was done in the days of the grandmother: so many things to tell you, but above all so much love to give … Instead of stubbornness to revive the past , look to the present and the near future, still to be designed, this unusual amalgam of sex and feeling has the air of being very appetizing! News also for those who keep their feet in two shoes, which is difficult to zigzag: finally you will make your choice and this time it will be the right one! If there were any skirmishes in the family, especially with in-laws and in-laws, in the second fortnight the rainbow returns to shine on the roof of your home.

Work: passively adapting to the instructions of your boss, in reality a terrible bungler, you will encounter a flop. When things do not turn and you are aware of it, it is appropriate to intervene by putting a piece, your saving move will not need explanations … they will all look at you like a guru! Enthusiasm for those who have their own business, finally catch a glimpse of the first signs of success. But don’t expect miraculous solutions, you will still have to deal with obstacles and also quite cumbersome, but with that bit of luck given to you by the stars, the ascent will be fast.

Health: health benefits and appearance gains, you will have a florid air and you will feel apostrophe with the usual proverb “better envy than pity”. Optimal to tone up with sport, which is the elective for you swimming (as long as the pool is heated … back pain and joint aches remain your weak point). Memorable the binges of the weekend, pumpkin, salami, chestnuts, like but weigh, will amuse you show off your culinary art but the stomach and belly do not approve.

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