Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Cancer and Love

You may often feel strange, as if divided in half. If so, it will mean that you are mirroring the division in the sky, like a fracture between emotions and rationality, between love and sex.
Let’s face it, they are not areas that can be separated without creating artificial and unreal detachments.
But something or someone could put you against yourself and this kind of dystopia, of distorted vision, will be your way of reacting and metabolizing what you feel.
So a temporary situation that should not push you to make clear decisions.

Horoscope love couple

Too many discussions with the partner? Use dialogue as a weapon but peaceful!
Because it will be by sharing with your other half what you feel that you will be able to find more serenity.
Meanwhile it must be said that you will have the opportunity to establish a good emotional harmony: you will have to work on it, however, and learn to let yourself go with confidence, without suspecting and without mistrust.
If the partner has combined you with cooked and raw, it will be the case to let it go: why brood, poison your life and be sick?

Single love horoscope

The heart will not see the time to welcome Cupid, but some of you may be perplexed by your own desires!
For example, have you always thought you wanted a beautiful person, but do you like someone who does not at all reflect the so-called perfect canons? Heart jokes!
Love is irrational.
You may instead have to deal with other kinds of difficulties (such as family impediments). In short, this month will be an undertaking to let ourselves go to love with spontaneity, but the same can go well.

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