Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope19 – 25 August 2019

This week is nothing special, lucky you if you are still on vacation, letting your partner come back to the city to work alone. After all, a bit of detachment doesn’t hurt, it helps to review the other with different eyes, re-evaluating his merits and diminishing his defects. The opposite also works, he or she at rest, you at work with an unmissable opportunity to juggle promptly with Mercury that promises good earnings and the trio Mars, Sun, Venus, passing by sex-tile this week, which provides good contacts and talks important. In search of a new job unleash all your expertise, but also the look has its story to tell, in the company the dress is the monk!

Chats and messages to exchange with the new friends known on vacation, if you are still together in these days you organize of all the colors, when the free days begin to diminish the devil is made to four to fill them of beautiful things. Creativity, events, meetings, clear intent: that of 2019 will be a memorable summer.
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