Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019

Sweet weekend with the aquatic Moon placed in your sign in good friendship with Neptune, the Sun and Mercury, all of them aquatic just like you. Ideal therefore spend it in a spa where you can be pampered without thoughts. Health and beauty always go hand in hand, even for those who, after a breakup, proclaim their broken heart. Don’t exaggerate, chipped rather, and not through your own fault: indigestible mother-in-law, unbearable neighbors and partners are not a bearable company for anyone, let alone those who, like you, have been enduring them for ages! Cute and cuddly the four-legged and if you are still missing in your home do not waste any more time: there is already one waiting for you at the kennel or in the municipal shelter, he will no longer be alone and neither will you! Sweet moments with your boys, especially from separated you will spend a magical weekend together, better than at the fun fair, give them everything but your ex would know: the pandemonium would break out!

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