Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Capricorn and Love

October will never present you with a situation that is completely linear, but tinged with good and less good.
Starting from you and your feelings, a mix of contradictions that will keep you on the razor’s edge for a long time like in a movie full of suspense.
But how will it end? Without spoiling anything, however, know that the happy ending, as in the best fairy tales, will be there.
Therefore a period of transition, a passing phase that for each of you will sprout into a pleasant ending. But not for everyone at the same time …

Horoscope love couple

Continuous highs and lows, between moments of sweetness and understanding and others in which instead you will feel yourself upset by a destructive and ferocious rage.
The reason? For some couples in the differences of views regarding the future, for others they will be family or work interferences, for someone jealousy and for someone … Nothing, just passion and a great desire to walk hand in hand!
In short, a big difference this month that will stand out very much because the sky will highlight precisely the differences and the uniqueness of each union.

Single love horoscope

New flirts: possible.
Indeed, very possible, with a nice superlative to indicate that your possibilities will increase a lot, as much as your social life and knowledge will be lively, even not in a classical way (for example, many friendships on the Web). Too bad, however, that these stories will not develop in a linear fashion but will always leave you undecided whether to kiss or argue with the person you will like!
To say that the contradictions expected in October could also cover the outline, for example a family that does not approve.

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