Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: a single star determined to give you boredom, Mars to the zenith, but only until 19, when, changing sign, it will become part of your supporters’ team, all the stars currently in Scorpio, that is, insightful Mercury for everything the month and the mysterious Sun up to the 22nd. The highlight of the moment, however, will be your tenants, Pluto magnetic and Saturn philosophical, joined by Venus on the 26th, suddenly become sober and faithful, without losing its charm. Friendship also blown away from Uranus in trigon and from Neptune in sextil, with their fantasies will stir your rigidity, making you more malleable and creative.

Love: for a few weeks you will pursue in vain a dream of love, which does not seem willing to be fulfilled … Instead of piling yourself on the wrong person, from the bad character and maybe even married, rather open your eyes to the gentle courtship of a friend, blatantly crazy of you. At the root of your discomfort the insecurities and the fear of putting yourself in the game, falling in love with a myth protects you from real stories! Enough to speak in riddles, for the avoidance of doubt already in the second week you will return to express yourself in a simple and clear way. The children are unruly, they will disobey your rules making you angry: choose the second option between the stick and the carrot, in the last week you will see the first results.

Work: great ambitions, destined for now to remain unfulfilled, you have the numbers to emerge but a chaotic and hindering environment prevents you from proposing targeted strategies. For now, so as not to give you a headache, be content with the routine, using the help of collaborative colleagues and if someone gives signs of competitiveness, make it clear right away that you are not interested in the subject … at least not now! Current interests: cultural conferences, martial arts and online role-playing games. Fragile but not impossible hope for a win, but remember that luck has the feet of glass and never returns twice to the same address.

Health: some slight discomfort will touch you too, despite the robust physique, tempered by sport and life in the open air. Particularly annoying is the sensation of stiffness at the feet and knees, the weak point of the sign, the skin is also fragile, and the first cold will tend to crackle, and the urinary system. Prevention against inflammatory states avoiding the abuse of alcohol, cold cuts and spices. Quiet but not dull colors, beige and mustard ideals, warm but classy. Among the garnet and amethyst bijoux, champion in moderation.

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