Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019

Despite the serious and implacable Saturn and Pluto in the sign, between Monday and Tuesday with the complicity of the Moon and Uranus in trine you will be extraordinarily sparkling and open to love. Even a bit stubborn in truth, but this feature will come out over the weekend, when the White Lady will fight against her squaring with Mars. Difficulty at work, with the head you will not get along, you would run the game things would turn in a completely different direction. You boast a commendable formation, for this having to submit to the dictates of others annoys you twice. Quiet affections but not exciting, something to say on Sunday, then everything will fall within the ranks. The exceptions are the very young with the first cooked, so they will travel in mid-air with a smile on their faces so wide as to make them unrecognizable … How: was Capricorn not a melancholy and sullen sign? Your children too, if you care for them, you are a mother and your mother-in-law will feel good about it!

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