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  • Sagittarius Constellation

    Sagittarius Constellation – Important Facts Worth Knowing

    Sagittarius Constellation Sagittarius Constellation, or in Latin SAGITTIPOTENS, is a constellation that lies mostly in the plane of the Milky Way. The Sagittarius Constellation is found right in the center of our Galaxy. There is a source of radio waves called by astronomers “Sagittarius A”. This is located between the Scorpion in the west and […] More

  • 14 main secrets of Sagittarius revealed

    Sagittarius Traits | 14 Main Secrets Revealed

    Sagittarius Secrets These are the 14 Secrets part of Sagittarius Traits. The Archer is always ready for action, exploding with goals and ideals. Sagittarius is fueled by the energy of fire and by the rules of Jupiter. This is a truly active, extrovert, mobile and eager sign. It is the personification of happiness, of enthusiasm […] More

  • Sagittarius Man

    Sagittarius Man Typical Behavior And Appearance

    Typical Behavior The Sagittarius man is always attracted by the new horizons or by curiosity for distant places. Sagittarius man scents the wind of freedom. He is not made for misfortune or drama, which is why he is careful to avoid any sudden mistake. He is one of the most optimistic and enthusiastic sign of […] More

  • Sagittarius Woman

    Sagittarius Woman Typical Behavior And Lifestyle

    Typical Woman For the most part Sagittarius Woman seems characterized by a constant need for evolution and perfection. She is hospitable, expansive and very sensual. She loves life and its pleasures and has a sense of justice and equity that is highly developed. Furthermore, she loves the common sense, respect for laws and morals, which […] More

  • Sagittarius Parents

    Sagittarius Parents Typical Behavior And Lifestyle

    Typical Sagittarius Parents Home for Sagittarius parents is everywhere. Being on the move is what they know best. Sometimes their home could be their job, and their job may sometimes be at one place and sometimes somewhere else. Sometimes they have a home as a base and another one where their job is. Sagittarius parents […] More

  • Sagittarius Child Behavior

    Sagittarius Child Typical Behavior

    Behavior And Personality Traits Sagittarius child is amiable and very playful. He’s able to play quietly without causing issues when he’s left alone. Sagittarius child tends to be happy as long as he has the right friends to play with. Usually, he/she is polite and doesn’t bother other children’s game even if he’s not invited […] More

  • Sagittarius in Love

    Sagittarius in Love Sex And Affair

    Sagittarius in Love Being a Sagittarius’ lover at first may look like being in two worlds simultaneously. One would look mysterious with plenty of fantasy and the other full of reality. Sagittarius thinks love is like the clean breathing air which without it life has no meaning. Love for Sagittarius must be based on trust, […] More

  • Sagittarius and Gemini

    Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

    What Do They Have In Common? Sagittarius and Gemini have a lot in common and share almost the same interests in life. Both signs have a good sense of humor, and both know how to have fun with each other, friends, family, and colleagues. Sagittarius tends to be more direct and doesn’t hold back or […] More

  • Sagittarius Health and Activities

    Sagittarius Health and Activities

    Sagittarius Activities Sagittarius Health will depend on mental relaxation. Keeping fit will also improve their lifestyle by giving them the chance to wear their favorite clothing. But doing sports activity in their life isn’t only crucial for their looks or lifestyle but also because they want to stay healthy and live a better life. Sagittarius […] More