Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: slightly complicated period, even if the opposition stars, all of them benevolent, will not cause you any great discomfort. It is indeed a confusing Jupiter, your neighbor across this month, accompanied by a passionate Venus between 1 and 26 from the idealist Sun from 22 onward. Support also from Mars in trigon until 19, when it gives you the bye bye to take care of someone else, but at least it does not change the flag becoming harmful! The chaos in case Neptune creates it for you, now for a long time at the zenith in quadrature, that’s why you will be so distracted, distracted in relationships and inefficient at work.

Love: hyper-motive partner, even more than you, it will be reassuring to reassure him, dispelling suspicions and shadows that sometimes darken him. Magical period in the first weeks a sweet amorous madness and if the object of your desires is a colleague, happiness will last 24 hours a day. Incendiary fires for the younger ones, perfume of confetti for couples already tested and eager to live together maybe start a family. The baby arrives immediately, if you first want to enjoy a little peace of mind, be careful with the passion! Adorable four-legged but a little nervous, perhaps it presages difficulties that are still out of the picture and warns them well in advance.

Work: work and business at the center of the scene, part of the credit will be given to luck and your charm, but the rest will do the commitment. Professional activity, business and love can be intertwined on the road to happiness, from a mishap or a confused state, bonuses will arrive that you would never have even dreamed of. Safe investments, but without noteworthy facts, will remain quiet pending developments, so don’t even worry about them. Reassuring results even at school, but one does not live by work alone: ​​free time has its own rights, which now strongly demands … if sport or culture will decide for you, art, theater, dance, not just fun but therapy.

Health: fit for the first half of the month, all vitality and sport, still benefited by the good supply of motorbikes and air set aside in the previous weeks. In the second fortnight, however, the alarm goes off, despite the splendid appearance, autumn ailments will not even save you, already afflicted by a fragile respiratory system sensitive to humidity. Eye to the tumbles, a threat to the distracted, it will be enough to miss a step to find yourself with a swollen ankle. Nothing black in the wardrobe, sexy but depressing, OK instead of midnight blue and bottle green, important bijoux. Toned body and acute senses, thanks to the sport that keeps you young at all times.

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