Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: enjoy the purple ray of Jupiter, guarantor of generosity, justice and passion: last month in trine to your sign, then it will give you the bye bye. With him to keep even drone Venus, exotic from 1 to 26, reached 22 from the talkative Sun, after weeks of bad mood. It is not the only one, against you for the whole month taciturn and secret Mercury for the whole month, in cahoots since 19 with rancorous Mars. A bad turnaround, after having had you as a sextile helper for almost three weeks, ready to encourage you and translate your ideas into immediate actions. Open hostility also from Uranus to the zenith, in short, the enemies will be very aggressive but luckily the aid will not be lacking.

Love: some pleasant encounters, maybe even a flirtation, but in terms of falling in love and promises of love for now, you will prefer to remain vague, perhaps the person who is courting you is not completely convincing! The family is very demanding, especially if you have small children, everything on your shoulders … and if you lose a detail, you change the whole rhythm! Love mixed with some tension if the boys are already grown up, sighing and fighting with the biological clock for those who don’t have one yet. Summary peace with relatives and neighbors, even if mixed with nettle, the olive branch is now visible!

Work: for three weeks the work will be heavy and without reassuring outlets, but then finally a little bit will begin to change. Your credit, to a large extent, to your conscientiousness and to the choice of attending internships and refresher courses, a rich curriculum is always throat … Prancing business, but careful how you express yourself, the risk of misunderstanding remains high, especially if the interlocutor is not a smart guy like you. Positive studies, managed with extraordinary, boldness, friendly luck of the students in love and with the head in the clouds: instead of reading and rereading you the passionate sms of loved ones, go over the trigonometry formulas! Maintenance jobs at home and while you’re aiming for some embellishment, unless all savings are focused on buying a new car or a folding two-wheeler, perfect for sneaking through traffic. Long live the green spirit!

Health: nothing to say about the look, even if you go in a hurry you will be beautiful and well-kept! Well-being, however, also means fun, a few hours of relaxation on a happy island where you can switch off and forget about schedules, agenda and competition for a while. Immune system to be reinforced with Coneflower and Malpighia emarginata. Do not forget the visit to the ophthalmologist, especially if you have already opened the door for a while. Amber crystal is the lucky charm for you, it will give you light even on dark days.

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