Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Lion and Love

Passionate and full of energy: a beautiful combination for eroticism. You will start well October, loads like springs and full of good feelings. And with excellent opportunities, it must be said!
But to this mix you will also have to add a certain tendency to a month-long misunderstanding, a trend that you will carry to the end and that will be increasingly exacerbated.
So much so that, at some point, even good feelings will be asked questions and the answers could be rather doubtful.
Jealousy, insecurity, nervousness: but your energy will always remain high.
With the risk that if you are not satisfied in Latvian, energy could take the path of disastrous anger!

Horoscope love couple

Clear pacts, long friendship says the proverb. In your case, long-term peaceful relationship!
To sow discord with your sweetheart could even be stupid misunderstandings, pretexts related to everyday life or small jealousies, but exasperated by your impetuous energy to which the partner could react with equal determination.
If the reasons behind the discussions are serious, find ways to resolve them instead of arguing; if they were just pretexts, then take a step back and use your energy for something more interesting, such as eros, very favorite!

Single love horoscope

The attraction could come quickly, from a casual glance, from a handshake, or even from a flashback for a person you thought was out of your life.
The problem will be the side comments, the hypotheses, the criticisms or even the interference of those who would like to tell you what to do with your life, your heart and your body.
But you will continue straight on your way! Eye only to avoid unnecessary controversy. If love will blossom in October and be opposed, trust that if the bases are sincere, it will flourish and take root.

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