Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019

Moon’s crooked Monday, the name itself says it naturally, it’s the day of the moon! And not only that, at the zenith you also find Uranus ready to make you change your mind every five minutes. Too bad that at the same pace your boss also changes, forcing you to do and redo the same job several times. At this point stinging complaints will go up to your lips but be careful what you do, if you are not in dominant positions but forced to submit to someone it is not the time for a head lift, you would be the first to lose! Serene climate and complicit in the family, in the eyes of your children you are a hero and every time you open your mouth they spin without making a turn!
Some discussion in the condominium assembly, but with your charisma and a calm tone you will be able to dribble the driver’s chaos (leading?) All the others on your side, moreover the most sensible one. A little back pain is not a novelty and neither is insomnia or muscle contractions, perhaps you have put too much pathos in the gym: exaggerating does not help!

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