Libra and Aries Compatibility

Libra and Aries

Libra and AriesLibra vs. Aries

If Libra and Aries signs become a couple, then their differences will be noted more than similarities which can make the relationship a little bit more difficult than usual. Libra lives on relationships, and their personal relations are the sense of their reality. When Libra falls into their “shadow,” then is in Aries, who becomes unreasonable, stupid and obstinate. Libra can also become aggressive, with terrible feelings of guilt and mental “processes,” because certain attitudes do not actually belong to them.
On the contrary when Aries falls into their “shadow,” then is Libra who becomes the paranoid conspiracy theorist. There is nothing worse than an Aries that sees spies everywhere, dominated by fear, distorted by his/her true natural security. Aries should not do it, and should not use his/her head to think but to break through walls, and that’s what he/she does, perhaps to get the refined Libra, and all the others, through the streets.

Typical Behavior

There are times when Aries are too brutal with themselves and others. This type of behavior may affect them in losing or separating them from friends, lovers or family members. On the other side sits Libra with their charming and loving touch of love and beauty. Libra will teach Aries how to be a lover instead of fighting. Aries will learn be behave softer than harsher, cooler than fiery and more elastic than more discordant. There is nothing more opposite to Aries than Libra. Libra favors and balances reality and seeks fair action. Libra knows how to think because he’s a Sign of Air. Besides, Libra is a sign that, due to love for fairness, they have great respect for others. Aries, on the other hand, is focused on himself, follows himself and must do it to find himself. Libra is a mediator who seeks an agreement and the harmony of the parts. Instead, Aries does not fear conflict with others, nor does he open one without reason.

What Could Both Learn From Each Other?

Usually Libra can learn from Aries how to be quicker in making decisions since Libra takes too long to decide. Aries will teach Libra not to get stuck in making a decision but instead to follow their inner instinct. Aries will learn from Libra how to sweet love rather than being too bitter. Libra is better off in a relationship than Aries is. Aries tend to be lonely in many things that is why they possess the power of acting solely. The sign of Aries is a little selfish in a relationship. They tend to look at only themselves and how they do things their way. Instead, Libra will teach Aries how to slow down and share more responsibility in love and relationship and try to find the balance since Libra is very good at it.

Both Signs Are Intelligent

These two signs, are intelligent. Libra’s intelligence will be a problem solver for many Aries problems since Aries goes into trouble without knowing where they’re getting into and what the consequences may be. Libra tries to use their abilities of common sense and intelligence information to understand and analyze before doing anything stupid. Libra will teach Aries first to investigate before they act. Aries must foresee what is coming and use more the brain in their head. Aries may be an active person whereas Libra is more on balance waiting for the right moment to strike. Both Libra and Aries have ideas, and both try to implement them into action. Libra can learn from Aries how to act quickly with their ideas and progressive thoughts and will put those ideas into action rather than keeping them as just theories in their head.


Libra is afraid, because of their sustained mental activity. Aries is not scared, that’s why they prove to be brave. They know what to do. Libra loves perfection, but not so much for the sake of competent performance as it might be for the Aries, but to satisfy a sense of innate beauty within oneself. Grace is right in the middle, in the precarious, hallucinated and rare balance of the parts. Perhaps for a few moments gives the magnificent beauty of conceptual value, all exquisitely mind, not material. Libra continuously show signs of being more on the second row compared to Aries. Aries is always in the first line of fire. They have to learn from Aries to be more active in life. The sign of Libra has to try to be a leader of their own destiny. They should learn to be less dependent on others. The Libra sign lacks this type of skill so Aries help will be useful.

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Written by Zodiac Genie

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