Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Libra and Love

Dominant note of the month: a great determination. Gritty and passionate, you will give your best when it comes to eroticism, which will stand out among your favorite subjects.
Feelings? Early in October, then you will enter a particular phase, unusually less romantic than usual, in which you will give proof of concreteness and you will want to think of hard work, facts, rather than ideals.
It will be your signature a bit in all areas, because you are going through an almost “cynical” phase, in which perhaps you are disappointed, you will take care of what you can take immediately.

Horoscope love couple

If you were looking for the right pretext to rekindle physical understanding and attraction, here is an excellent time for this purpose.
Armed with grit and resourcefulness, with desires and malice, you will know how to make your way in dreams and in the possible resistances of your sweetheart who will have no qualms about letting go in your arms!
But if you hope to increase the ideal complicity, that feeling of sharing the sky from soul mates, this goal will seem far away, or behind.
Watch out for latent dissatisfaction: they will sow wind in your heart.

Single love horoscope

Thrilling moments!
Passion and mischievous flirt await your heart at the crossroads. You could live an adventure full of eroticism and fun, or experience a glorious moment for your charm and finally feel desired as you would like.
Those who might be disappointed by this period without great romanticism will be the romantics, those who dream of great love, the ideal story with someone who can accompany their steps forever. Or at least as long as possible.

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