Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: the only tenant, after the gathering of the previous month, remains Mars, passionate but polite until 19, when sucked by Scorpio he gives you the bye bye. Sympathy and great confidence from Jupiter for the last month in Sagittarius in sextile to your sign, reached by the Sun on 22 but unfortunately abandoned by the sympathetic Venus on the 26th, when, radically changing mood goes to Saturn and Pluto, hostile and chilly in quadrature .

Love: a romantic month, but without falling into sugary sentimentality. Serene as a couple, thanks to a constructive dialogue, hopeful if among friends there is someone who looks at you insistently: the interest is reciprocated in full! Old rusts between relatives, if there is no way to resolve them, let them play with each other. Illusory stork, a false alarm, but with all the stars in favor the next attempt will be successful. Essential clarifications in the family, with some concern for the older fringe: they want to do it themselves and instead they need support!

Work: worried about the business crisis that is rumored, whether rightly or wrongly it is still too early to say. Sufficient however to infuse you with that sense of anxiety that impoverishes creativity and restrains enthusiasm. Get rid of all the secret and very personal reasons for which you will be discontinued at work. Great, on the other hand, school and business, all you need is an encouragement to put your wings on your feet, pushing you to highlight your best part, positive thinking and optimism will set your luck in your direction. Good the pecuniary but your crazy expenses will leave their mark, you will realize it the last week, when you decide to check the accounts …

Health: the immune system already alerted by a series of minor illnesses: large stomach and stomach suspects. Migraine and circled eyes signal a little problem to be reckoned with: kidneys and bladder, among other things your weak point, claiming a little help. Smart food yes, open to the Mediterranean and vegan diet, but without fanaticism and above all without sacrificing taste. More warmth and charm wearing the colors of the fruit, the scent is also fruity, for example mandarin and cinnamon! The more regular the motion, it will not make sense to wear out one day and lie down for a week.

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