Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope16 – 22 Sep 2019

Don’t pay attention to the Moon of Tuesday and not even to that on Sunday, both seem in bad mood, in any case you will win you female partner and made even more beautiful by the couple Venus-Mercury in the sign, quintessence of diplomacy and charm. In addition, between Friday and Saturday count on the unconditional support of Moon, nice and bubbly, and of your great friend Jupiter, particularly protective of business and exams, who is preparing the thesis will make giant steps and if the strength and to overcome the obstacles it will not be excellent to your help the luck will come with a special flight. Some grumble in the family, but now it’s old history, on the work in compensation there is a nice solidarity relationship that makes you feel united and accomplices even in times of no. As for the loss of an occasion or an object do not make it a drama, sooner or later another better one will arrive.

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