Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: fluctuating period also for you, caught between two fires: on the one hand, in trine to your aquatic tenant Neptune, fashion creator and master of photography, Mars ambitious from the 19th, Esoteric Mercury throughout the month and finally the Sun , hermetically sealed until 22, when passing through Sagittarius it reaches Jupiter quadrature becomes exaggerated and braggart. Even Venus is unreliable, in the sign up to 26, when with a providential rethinking he passes into Capricorn, heading towards the wise Saturn and the charismatic Pluto, who immediately offer her asylum, benefiting you too. The same applies to Uranus on the other side, making you dynamic with a nice sextile.

Love: confined to the island of fantasy, for the time being you are not making sentimental decisions, if you make the wrong choice you would risk big! Mischievous the friend who unexpectedly starts courting you in the last week, leaving you with salt. Sex and feeling hand in hand for couples already tested, do not spoil everything with a trivial whim; for singles yes to a holiday with a nice pirate or a beautiful mermaid, but … in the Tropics!

Work: reassuring the financial front, it is true that you will spend a lot but you will also earn enough to replenish the coffers, for once there will be no reason to move reproaches. In the course of negotiations and investments abroad the goddess of luck will keep your hand on your shoulder, the good nose will help you recognize the winning opportunity. Exhausting but profitable business trips, at a meeting then you will have the center of the scene, overwhelmed with questions and compliments, what a rush for self-esteem! Easy life even at school, with grades ranging from 7 upwards. The real complication of keeping a secret, despite your efforts, the truth will come to the surface.

Health: some moments will not be taken into account, even if it will be easier than expected: water retention in the front line, therefore limit the salt, in the second place the liver and nervous system, if you become the preferred target for bacteria and viruses it means that the immune system needs immediate support … propolis, echinacea and vitamin C at will! The body invokes a more regular lifestyle, with full meals: avoid junk food! With the sweets then you will pull on yourself the reproaches of the dentist … if you don’t do the good ones could punish you with the drill. Wearable colors, all shades of blue and blue, calm shaken nerves and instill serenity.

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