Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Piscces Weekly Horoscope19 – 25 August 2019

What a pity, a Moon as friendly as the one in Taurus, a good friend of Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, all fans of your sign, finding so many planetary enemies all at once will be a real shock. Yes, because in the week before Mars, then Venus, then the Sun will leave the neutral field of the Lion to position itself in Virgo, your neighbor across which they will begin to target you with criticisms and irrational comments, the very ones that you and your tenant Neptune hated cordially, cheers the imagination instead, the dream and the music. The world is already full of these subtle and rational beings and you don’t want to know. Your boss is cute and extraordinarily helpful, you can see that the holidays have done him good, so much so that with the help of Mercury in your sixth house he promises you an increase or offers you a surely beneficial role change.

Battles and long faces instead with the partner, it will be the stress of return or a vacation that went wrong, but the fact is that in crisis you have left and in crisis you go back home … Urge a drastic remedy, a sort of homeopathic cure for the heart and reflectivity. Try to write him a letter by definitively emptying the sack and removing all the toads from your stomach. Probably he or she will do the same and then everything will start again on a new path. Since the holidays are for something?
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