Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: happy birthday to you too in the first decade, kissed again for this month by the munificent Jupiter, arm in arm with adventurous Venus until 26 and with the globetrotting Sun from 22 onward. To support you for a couple of weeks also Mars, idealist in Libra, but in this in truth you will not need great help, the only one to bother you, in fact, will be the usual old Neptune in quadrature, which confuses you mind and heart but without malice.

Love: of love you will talk a lot especially with yourself, playing with the imagination. Disappointed by everyday life, by the lack of rules and family cohesion … With the partner you will dream of long journeys or even a transfer, destination a desert island: pity that the discomfort is not external but inside you. Have a good time in the first fortnight, amid friendships, flirtations and amorous games, but at the end of the month your heart will also begin to claim clarity. Trust and tenderness are the keys to every relationship, but falling in love with a dream or idealizing a partner to transform it into a fantastic creature is certainly not the right move! Exchange of favors and advice between friends, initially competitive, then more and more pliant and grateful to your wisdom.

Work: usually a daily routine, work is not at risk, especially if you are a malleable type, possibly willing to change location and role. To put the sticks in the wheels in this sense the family will take care of you, refractory to your decisions … a true case of conscience! Moderate ambitions, between business and creativity, some small victory will be enough to encourage you: even compliments will be a real balm for your self-esteem. Great delay in the preparation of challenging exams or with the writing of the thesis, there is only one long cultural journey around the world but for now that will remain a fantasy … at most you will give it to you with the liquidation when you retire!

Health: a critical moment for those in the birthday zone, you can’t stand to grow old and you will invent a thousand tricks to look younger, including some expensive treatment, useful only up to a certain point: true youth is that of the heart! Truly young is opening up to the new, finding a beautiful and fun side in every meeting and situation. Accordion weight, maybe hold the liquids and it is a good idea to reduce the salt, but for the fat it takes much more: lots of sport and protein, better vegetables. Keep on wearing light colors, recommended pink and lilac, a fresh and citrus scent, with a note of fragrant wood on the bottom is synonymous with lightness.

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