Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope16 – 22 Sep 2019

Jupiter in your sign goes very well with the Moon of Monday and Tuesday but not with that of room in Gemini between Friday and Saturday. Nothing serious, however, apart from the pugnacious attacks of Mars and the Sun, now in the last days of hostility towards you, then you will have to calm down by reaching Venus and Mercury already in Libra and very positive for you. Thanks to them in fact old friendships will come back in vogue and you will also get to know new, cultured and refined people among whom one in particular strikes you straight to the heart. Optimism, serenity and a full social life, the only drawback in the finances always under tone especially if you have an activity on your own and to make ends meet in the current situation you have to work like mules. Confused memory or familiar confidence to focus on, perhaps you are too idealistic and led to exaggerate … an investigator would be needed here!

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