Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019

Magnificent week with Venus and Jupiter, the stars of fortune, still embraced in the sign. True that for two days, between Wednesday and Friday, you will have the Moon against, but it will not have elements in hand to bother you, so you won’t even notice it. A thread of competitiveness among friends, above all for those who still do not have clear ideas about what they will want to do and for this reason they envy you, already so well routed. All-round love, happy old and new couples, time is a mental dimension that exists only when it is given importance. The same cannot be said of the finances that do not appear and disappear with a magic wand, but as far as you are concerned the subject is not a problem: the pecuniary was missing before, it is missing now and will be missing even later! Surprises instead on the work front, if you were looking for a job.

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