Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: happy birthday to you in November, illuminated up to the 22nd by the inquisitive Sun, arm in arm for the whole month with deep and taciturn Saturn and from 19 onward also with Mars, very passionate and determined. Support also displaced by Neptune, aquatic and imaginative and of course by Pluto, the captain of your team that currently also includes the serious Saturn and from 26 also Venus passed in Capricorn, austere but no less intriguing. Hostility from the opposite sign, where Uranus will try to hit you with lightning, but with such a strong and close-knit team this time you will win this game.

Love: mailbox clogged with messages, some complaints, others with love, at least for a few weeks you will refuse to open it, disappointed by what you consider an unrequited feeling, you will be basking in your soup … Now you will finally be aware of your charm, people like you do not forget … Not only in a positive sense, though, if your jealousy and possessiveness become unbearable he or she escapes (but then, bewitched by your magnetism notices to be able to do without you …).

Work: beginning of the month stagnant, you will feel alone and abandoned by everyone, even by your lucky star, so you will have to rely solely on your strength, intelligence, above all, and insight that will help you to get to the bottom of things … Then to the third week the input will come from the outside, like a kind of electric shock that will suddenly shake you, redirecting the energy, now very powerful, otherwise wasted on feasible and above all satisfying goals. Profit opportunities and greedy business to seize, true that luck helps the bold, but do not waste even a drop! A few complications at school but not out of bad will, far from it, the shyness and the chronic lack of self-esteem to which you could react with provocative attitudes will spoil you.

Health: apart from the nervousness and a thread of insomnia you will not be able to complain, if the illnesses arrive, they will be instantaneous, not even the time to realize it and they will already be a memory. Cramps, soreness the most frequent annoyances. Dietary restrictions only if necessary, with cold the body demands more energy (and between sport and sex you will burn more than one stove!). And then you give satisfaction to the palate, with the positivity, confidence and self-esteem the physical form will be untouchable. You love black, actually sexy, but how depressing it is in November! Place it at least in warm colors, in particular yellow, which will also play well in the kitchen.

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