Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Scorpio and Love

October will offer you many opportunities to liven up your emotions.
For some of you it could be just the situation you have wanted for a long time, but for others the pretext could be only unwelcome and the movement that will only create destabilizing confusion.
Get ready to live with your feet on fluid ground, with landscapes that could change from day to night.
Those of you who appreciate it will have a wonderful time. Those seeking stability will have to learn to find it in themselves, in their emotions …

Horoscope love couple

You will want to open up with your partner, to tell them about the thousand thoughts that come to your mind, to know what the person next to you thinks and wants, for a very short time or a long time.
Dialogue will be the ideal tool to improve understanding and plan for the future, if you are going to create a stable relationship.
In the account, however, you will have to put unexpected events and perhaps even misunderstandings, able to create temporary obstacles to your action. Be flexible and you will be able to open up a path to the future. Avoid stiffness: with stiffness, things break …

Single love horoscope

If Cupid arrives, he could act stealthily, as if he were playing hide and seek with your heart!
The basic rule states that love comes when you no longer think about it, you live and think about your life and maybe you learn to be enough, to be happy and to love yourself.
Therefore it is not a rule linked to superstition but to the fact that those who truly love, mature and aware people, find a true, lasting and sincere story.
Those who feel unlucky in love, do not give up but reflect on these words and instead of closing in recrimination, you learn to smile at life and have more fun than you can: and Cupid will amaze you!

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