Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Taurus Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: the star of transformation always active in your sign. He will radically change the cards on the table, even when you don’t want to. Against you, in fact, work the mysterious Sun in Scorpio until the 22nd, replaced by Mars in the sign already from the 19th, while Mercury, undaunted investigator, continues to row against the whole month, without moving from the gloomy borders of the scorpion, your opposite zodiacal. Always in your favor Pluto magnetic and Saturn serious, both branded by the element Earth, reached 26 by Venus, which becomes more reliable and sober. Still a friend Neptune in sextile, his romanticism infuses your creations with a pleasantly retro note.

Love: two weeks of pure fairy tale, keeping the most crazy emotions under control. Attracted by the object of your cravings like a magnet, certain to have met the most interesting person in the world … Beware, you said it even the last time! Then, however, there were obstacles and fears that had now been overcome, but now seduced by the magnetism of the other, hanging from his lips, no longer conquerors but prey. Some extra friction between already dated couples, the last decade of November will see you flammable, but thanks to ideals and shared experiences you will recover for a corner, booking a nice trip to end the year with a flourish. carrot, your tenderness must not become lax!

Work: three weeks of explosive creativity, you will have some input, but you will always find someone ready to criticize you … to then steal the idea: Stop the anger that brings only trouble, and words will be dosed with the dropper, in any case silence is golden. Even in the negotiation phase prudence will never be too much, the interlocutor is a real fox, or rather a wolf. Investments in exponential growth, it is also easier to obtain loans and mortgages thanks to the support of someone who counts. Travel for work or pleasure will be complicated but very productive.

Health: in great shape, perhaps with half an extra kilo, but it won’t hurt you, on the contrary it will give you a more relaxed air, smoothing out possible fine lines. Want to change color and cut, but radical decisions will have to be avoided, repenting regretfully afterwards will not give you back your image … at least for a while! Watch over special skin and reproductive organs, under control from mid-month onward for those fierce headaches that sometimes prevent you from getting out of bed! All stress, with the nervous system so stressed, giving head is a moment, worse if you keep everything inside, between insomnia and muscle contractual.

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Written by Zodiac Genie

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