Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly HoroscopeNovember 2019

Focus: a number of stars in favor, starting with authoritative Pluto and philosophical Saturn, up to transformational Uranus but with common sense, all of them in sign of Earth in trigon to yours. On the other hand, the situation of the other celestial bodies is fluid, first and foremost Mars battling that reaches your star Mercury in Scorpio for the whole month only on the 19th, just in time to change the Sun to the 22nd flag to pass into quadrature, catalyzed by the purple ray of Jupiter which promises marvels, penalizing your sign, already disoriented by the opposition of the romantic Neptune. Reverse attitude on the part of Venus, unreliable in Sagittarius, which penalizes your sign up to 26 with a squaring, only to repent, earning a stable little place in Capricorn, where it encourages you to smile.

Love: secret, platonic, unilateral love, but for those with patience and trust in destiny something will happen. Hold on until the last week, finally a tender wave of love will envelop your heart, letting you understand that he or she is also taken by you. To rob you of shyness, but in the end the last word will be up to the passion. Melancholy and doubts to be faced, instead, if these confirmations are only in the imaginary: in front of a distracted partner or already far away you lose all your enthusiasm, asking yourself if you are not wasting time and feelings for the wrong person!

Work: business wonderfully, for at least three weeks you will feel calm and satisfied to the point of giving yourself some crazy shopping … unusual for provident types like you! Clothing also sports and cosmetics at the forefront, but it is not excluded some pieces of furniture or goodies for your collections (a real treasure for admirers!). Very pleasant evenings nestled on the sofa to read, in the library and in the library you will appear among the list of regulars. Well done at school, but on this there were no doubts, Latin versions and algebra problems are your specialty! Only one thing is likely to distract you, a disappointed love (but even in this case it will not be impossible to get out of it, thanks to the support of friends who will find you with interesting proposals.

Health: Health and well-being: good health is the result of many factors: strong and healthy parents, healthy environment, regulated life, and a bit of luck. Happy and content, noting that you have all the ingredients already at hand, for any sporadic inflammation located in the mouth and throat (propolis is always valid, for external ice packs and gòbok clay). It is essential to chew more slowly, even if you are pressed for work, your lunch break is sacred, otherwise your liver will get angry!

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Written by Zodiac Genie

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