Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Monthly HoroscopeOctober 2019

Virgin and Love

October will offer you many ideas to let you go to the emotions. Fragrant good feelings, situations that can involve you, but above all on an emotional level, apart from eroticism.
Passion will be neither disadvantaged nor encouraged in a particular way, so much will depend on you and your choices, your desires, the commitment you will make or not to make certain situations more malicious.
The added value of October, however, will concern the emotions, so if you look at the heart, come forward and take action.

Horoscope love couple

Here is a perfect month to open up with your partner and talk about everything. If you need to clarify, get to the bottom, understand, don’t delay.
As well as if you wish to discuss particular projects with your partner, this is the moment, because you will be able to reconcile your needs, to find the point of contact between what you imagine and what your partner imagines.
But above all, do not miss the opportunity to deepen the silent, emotional dialogue between hearts. Such as? With attention, looks, affectionate gestures.

Single love horoscope

Who knows if you will be preparing to lead a lively social life out of curiosity or just for the desire to increase your chances of meeting the right person for you.
Perhaps you will not want to set your whole life on this research that you do not even know what outcome it will have, perhaps for good luck you will prefer to keep silent even to yourself that secret hope of meeting the love with a capital that you carry within you.
The transits in the sky will be the right ones: you put a little availability and let yourself go to the emotions. The rest? We will see!

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